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Based in Bristol, UK. 


Vision by Faris is a professional, internationally published Content Creator / Marketer.

Our mission is to give you the best service possible that will increase your turnover by building your online presence through video and powerful content assets.

Why Choose Us

Vision by Faris specialises in video production, digital marketing and content creation. Our focus is working with brands and companies that want to elevate their position. We've worked with a range of brands, artists, models, influencers and actors of all levels and experience. Whether it's a video business card, social media campaign or just a one off photo-shoot we can handle it.

We are as passionate about your business as you are. We work with 6-7 figure brands in a wide variety of industries. We've worked with the likes of War Gaming (Creators of World of Tanks), Formula Student 2019, TEFL (Teaching Academy), (Supa (London, Creative Agency), Miss Karys (Reality star, E4 Club Reps). Leveraging social media we market and convert those viewers to sales by giving you first class content creations & marketing results.


The sky has no limits, so don't set limits for your business!

What do we do?

  • Video business cards

  • Marketing/PR awareness campaigns

  • Promo videos

  • Brand stratergy

  • Product launches

  • Fashion videos/shoots

  • Music videos

  • Photo-shoots

  • Staff Training Videos

  • Interviews

  • Case study/testimonials

  • Events

  • & Plenty more


  • Build Trust

  • Strengthen Connections

  • Establish Credibility

  • Boost Revenue & Sales

  • Save Time

  • Offer More Value

  • Make a Bigger Impact

  • Grow Brand Awareness

  • Increase Engagement

  • Visually Showcase You and Your Brand

Who's Faris?

Over time Faris has established his own style and is best known for his clean cinematic look with a twist. With a background in eCommerce and experience running several online stores in different niches, he was no stranger to creating content. Growing up with and around entrepreneur's creating his own business's came as natural progression to him.


"I love to work behind the camera, filming with the edit in mind and then putting the final touches together to give a finished product." Faris


Faris has also completed a BA Hons Degree in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics.

We Will...

We help individual's and business's communicate their unique value online to build their audience, gain new clients/customers and achieve greater success.​

We want to ensure your business is the BEST it can be by providing you with A* content that will burst new life into your business and engage your target audience.

Contact us today and let's zoom to that skyline!


We work with companies/individualsto implement digital marketing solutions which increase sales and create positive attention.

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